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Accreditations and Expertise

Engineering Experts

The success of Simplicity AI has been driven by building and retaining a highly skilled multidisciplinary engineering team with wide ranging expertise. With an up to date knowledge of industry standard techniques and a specialisation in the advanced software platforms that tie together modern test equipment, Simplicity AI are the ideal technical partner.

Highly Qualified

All engineers are degree qualified with varied backgrounds in Physics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Systems Engineering. They have a range of prior industry experience, including having worked for partner company National Instruments and other measurement and automation integrators.

Software Specialists

The development of advanced software solutions for measurement and automation is a particular area of expertise for Simplicity AI. Engineers are experienced in development using a wide variety of industry standard tools such as, NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand and .NET, typically holding recognised qualifications in them. In a recently taken survey it was concluded that there is a combined total of 60 years experience in NI LabVIEW across the engineering team.

Team Member Accreditations

The engineering team at Simplicity AI hold a number of professional accreditions, in addition to their degree qualifications and industry experience.

Certified Professional Instructor

As well as being highly skilled in the development of solutions that utilise National Instruments tools a number of team members are certified to deliver technical training courses on these products.

Certified LabVIEW Architect

Development of solutions that utilise NI LabVIEW is a core skill at Simplicity AI. The technical team hold a number of LabVIEW developer and LabVIEW Architect accreditations, which demonstrates their ability to build solutions that employ best practise development techniques and advanced architectures.

Certified TestStand Architect

Simplicity AI are the go-to organisation for software development and consulting on test solutions built using National Instruments TestStand. The advanced capability in this area is demonstrated by the TestStand Developer and TestStand Architect accreditions held by several of the team members.

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