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Technology Partners

Simplicity AI has partnerships with a number of organisations which are well aligned with our technical & business objectives.

Keysight Technologies

Simplicity AI are experts in the seamless integration of the Keysight Technologies  instrumentation range into automated test solutions.

Keysight Technologies produce a wide range of electronic instruments including oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, power supplies and RF analysers. Historically Keysight has been a vendor of traditional boxed instrumentation, that can be controlled by GPIB or RS232. In recent years product innovation has included the development of LXI and PXI based instruments.


As a System Integration Partner Simplicity AI has an extensive knowledge and experience in using NI products to develop solutions for customers. The range of complimentary integration and support services offered, means that NI regularly recommends Simplicity AI to its customers.

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Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces  design and manufacture a range of instrumentation modules covering platforms such as PXI and LXI. Particular focus is on advanced switching for automated test applications, where they have a very large product portfolio.

Pickering Interfaces switching products are regularly used for signal routing in automated test solutions developed by Simplicity AI. Engineers at Simplicity AI are experienced in designing and implementing switching schemes for demanding manufacturing test applications.

Peak Group

Peak Group are manufacturers of high quality automated test hardware for industries such as aerospace, automotive and defense. Their internal engineering expertise includes full mechanical and electrical design capability. Comprehensive in-house manufacturing facilities allow Peak to build high quality custom equipment racks and precision test fixtures.

Simplicity AI regularly partner with Peak Group to deliver test and automation solutions that combine high quality hardware and software.

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