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Products Overview

Custom PDF Generator

The Simplicity AI Custom PDF Generator for LabVIEW is a set of block diagram functions for easily generating PDF documents programmatically.

Tequra Suite

Tequra enables organisations to accelerate test and measurement solution development, simplify support and maintenance, and facilitate continuous improvement.

Tequra Components

Tequra Requirements

Tequra Requirements bridges the gap between requirements definition, software verification and test code execution

Tequra Framework

Tequra Framework is a set of components for NI TestStand and LabVIEW which enhances the developer and operator experience while providing a bridge to other products within the Tequra suite.

Tequra Deployment

Tequra Deployment allows software components and data files to be packaged for easy distribution and provides a tool to allow these files to be managed on the target system.

Tequra Analytics

Tequra Analytics is a data collection and analysis solution, which provides extensive insight into product design and manufacturing.

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