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Scientific Research Solutions

Your Partner for Automated Test & Measurement

Scientific Research Challenges

Scientific research organisations need to ensure that maximum value that can be obtained from their experiental facilties. This means that facilities require high up-time and operators need to be able to rapidly setup experients that produce high quality results. There is an increasing drive for greater automation of the control, measurement and analysis stages of experiments, so that more can be done within the limited time on a facility.

Simplicity AI Experience

Simplicity AI have worked with a number of scientific research organisations to provide automated experimental facilities that utilize the latest measurement technology. New systems have been developed from the ground up and existing facilities upgraded to improve their capability and lifespan.

Scientific Research Services

Simplicity AI can provide a range of tailored test engineering services to scientific research organisations, including the following:

  1. Integrated realtime data logging and live analysis systems
  2. Control and monitoring of prototype test rigs
  3. Legacy test equipment automation upgrades
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