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Industries Overview

We provide solutions to a wide range of industry sectors


Stringent regulation and accountability in the aerospace industry leads to requirement for advanced product test and measurement solutions.


Fierce competition between vehicle manufacturers has ensured that product costs are kept to a bare minimum and that time-to-market for new products is short.


The defense industry demands products that can operated within the harshest of environments, yet will always perform within the tightest of specifications.

Electronics & Comms

Innovation gives electronics & communications manufacturers the competitive edge, but presents challenges for design validation and manufacturing test.


Infrastructure such as railways, road networks and power grids, are increasingly using live monitoring and control technology to ensure capacity and availability.

Medical Devices

The development of solutions for design validation and manufacturing test of sophisticated medical products can be a highly demanding engineering task.

Product Development

As products being developed have become increasingly more sophisticated, so have the testing processes for proving a design meets the requirements.

Scientific Research

Organisations need get maximum value from their experimental facilities, setting a challenge to ensure high up-time, rapid setup, and fast execution of experiments.

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