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User Interface

Operator User Interface

Tequra Framework adds a number of attractive features missing from the standard TestStand operator interfaces meaning that often customers no longer need to customize them.

Execution Details View

Combines all logged results into a single easy-to-read view which is ideal for test operators

Test Group

Display the grouping of tests, based on the structuring of sequences

Additional Information

Display useful information on-screen, for the duration of a test sequence run

Result Yields

Summary of Passed, Failed and Skipped results, the yield values are updated as the test progresses.

Step Selection

Enable partial selection of testing at runtime by test operators using this feature

Selection Dialog

A user friendly dialog pops up at run-time to enable operators to select on deselect tests for execution

Configuration Dialog

Use a simple dialog to configure the numerous step selection options

Define Start and End

Use simple drag and drop of start and end steps to define a list of steps within a TestStand sequence

Maintain Control

Prevent tests being skipped or hide them from the selection dialog

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