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Medical Device Solutions

Your Partner for Automated Test & Measurement

Medical Device Manufacturing Challenges

Due to the potential risks to patients, the design and manufacture of medical devices is very highly regulated compared to other product areas. The development of solutions for design validation and manufacturing test of sophisticated medical products can be a highly demanding engineering task.

Simplicity AI Experience

Simplicity AI have worked with customers in the medical devices industry to overcome the technical challenges of developing solutions for design validation and manufacturing test. The technical team have expertise in standard test and measurement platforms such as NI TestStand, NI LabVIEW and PXI. They had a working knowledge of automating equipment commonly used for medical device testing such as electrical safety testers.

Medical Device Services

Simplicity AI can provide a range of tailored test engineering products and services to the medical device industry, including the following:

  1. Complete ATE software platform and architecture provision via the Tequra suite
  2. Customer software verification and validation service
  3. Full software & hardware solutions for design validation testing
  4. Full software & hardware solutions for end-of-Line Functional Test
  5. Product test data management and analytics via Tequra Analytics
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