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Simplicity AI – Success Stories

Enabling our customers to be successful

Simplicity AI Software Ensures Quality of Ultra-fast Broadband Systems

An article in EPDT (Electronic Product Design & Test) describes how an automated manufacturing test…

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London Underground: Circuit Monitoring using NI CompactRIO & LabVIEW FPGA

[cm_tooltip_parse] Overview Track circuits are used to detect whether a train is present or not…

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Cranfield Impact Centre: Moment of Inertia Test Software

Overview Cranfield Impact Centre is a UK based organisation which is internationally respected in the…

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Diamond: Synchrotron Beam Loss Event Capture System

Overview Diamond Light Source require a data logging system to capture signal data before and…

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Rugged Offshore Datalogger

Overview There is a requirement for a datalogger to perform effective stress analysis of soil…

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Demo Solution: Parallel Relay Test System

Main Objectives The Parallel Relay ATE (Automated Test Equipment) was developed as a technology demonstrator…

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