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Services Overview

From single-day consulting to large turn-key systems


Simplicity AI provide a range of technical services that can be tailored to fit the needs of customers. The scale of service offering can range from short training and consulting activities, through to large turn-key system delivery and long term partnering relationships.

Full Turn-Key Systems

Simplicity AI can deliver a complete turn-key solution which can consist of hardware, software, commissioning services, training and long term support.

Platform Delivery

We can design and deliver standardized test and measurement platforms that can improve efficiency by reusing hardware, software or technical knowledge between projects.

Component/Tool Delivery

Simplicity AI can rapidly deliver software components or tools, that may be required to fit into a larger project.

Feature Addition or Issue Resolution

We can add features to existing systems, or work on the resolution of issues within them.

Software Re-factoring

Simplicity AI can re-factor existing software code using best practice techniques, ensuring an efficient architecture, which is readable, maintainable and expandable.

Engineering Consulting

Our engineers  can provide consulting services to in-house projects, at all stages of development.

Hardware Integration

Simplicity AI can supply hardware solutions to meet a diverse range of needs.

Software Development

Simplicity AI provide software development services for test and measurement, utilizing a range of industry standard software platforms.

Technical Support

Simplicity AI offer a range of support services which enable organisations to ensure they have minimal down-time and achieve maximum operational effectiveness.

Technical Training

Simplicity AI can develop and deliver customized training packages tailored to individual customer needs.

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