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Design Validation Solutions

Design Validation Challenges

Across many industries, product prototypes need be validated against detailed requirement specifications before being put into production. Design validation processes can be very intensive and can generate large amounts of data that requires rapid processing to provide results. Valuable engineering resources and specialised facilities are often needed to perform the design validation tasks.

Test Systems

Because of the demands of validation testing, there is often a requirement for automation of both the test process and the post processing of the raw data, to extract performance information. Test systems may need to be rapidly deployed in order to meet tight product development time-scales, but at the same time be highly configurable and reliable.

Simplicity AI Solutions

By utilizing the latest COTS hardware technology, coupled with standard test software platforms, including NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand, Simplicity AI are able to rapidly provide automated solutions for the design validation process. On-site development and support services ensure that any change requirements can be rapidly delivered.

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