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One-Step Deployment & Verification


Easily package your test software, then deploy it on to your production systems.

Automatically verify the integrity of your deployed software and perform necessary repairs


Bring together all your test software files into an easy to manage single package


Automatically deploy onto production stations with a single click


Automatically verify the integrity of deployed software


[cm_tooltip_parse]Modern test software built around industry standard platforms such as NI TestStand and LabVIEW is often highly modular. Reusable common components are typically used where possible, to accelerate the development process.  This leads to a situation where test software consists of multiple files of different types which need to go in specific locations.[/cm_tooltip_parse]

Typical File Types

File TypeTypical Extensions
TestStand Sequence Files*.seq
Test Limits/Requirements Files*.txt, *.xml
Instrument Configurations*.ini, *.txt, *.xml
LabVIEW Step Types/Support Files*.vi, *.txt, *.xml
Compiled Step Types/Support Files*.dll, *.txt, *.xml
Operator Interface*.exe
Type Palettes*.ini


Easy one-button deploy on-to your stations. No manual copying; protect against mistakes. Automatically locates the correct destinations for files on systems with different localisation settings and OS versions.


Automatically verify that every file still matches the baselined validated version. If any changes are detected revert back at the touch of a button.

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