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Product Development Solutions

Your Partner for Automated Test & Measurement

Product Development Challenges

As products being developed have become increasingly more sophisticated, so have the testing processes for proving a design meets the requirements. Increasingly product development organisations are looking to automate complex testing and data analysis processes, enabling them to free-up valuable technical staff and ensuring maximum consistency. In addition, where bespoke test solutions for each project would be developed in the past, organisations now are looking to employ reusable COTS hardware and standard software tools wherever possible.

Simplicity AI Experience

Simplicity AI have worked with a number of organisations performing product development, enabling them utilise the latest measurement technology to develop advanced automated design validation solutions. Through long-term partnering relationships Simplicity AI has enabled organisations to not only accelerate their product design processes, but to transition to testing solutions to be used for manufacturing test.

Product Development Services

Simplicity AI can provide a range of tailored test engineering services to product development organisations, including the following:

  1. Integrated realtime data logging and live analysis systems
  2. Control and monitoring of prototype test rigs
  3. Legacy test equipment automation upgrades
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