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Complete Feature List

Find out what’s included in the package

* Indicates a new or revised feature in version 3

Documentation & Installation
Automatic Installation Using VI Package Manager

Detailed Help File with Hyperlinks

Example Programs Covering All Major Features

Getting Started Guide *

LabVIEW Context help for all VIs

License Certificates Provided

Embed LabVIEW Front Panel and Control Images

Embed Graphics Images (BMP, JPEG, PNG)

Free of Simplicity Watermarking

Watermarking of Pages

Automatic Creation Date in Footer

Automatic Page Numbering in Footer

Define Header and Footer Information

Customize Headers Using Images, Tables and Shortcuts *

Embed Existing PDF Pages and Documents into a PDF

Each License enables use on 1 development PC

Each License enables use in unlimited deployed executables

Define Chapters, Sections and Custom Bookmarks

Internal and External Document Links *

PDF/A-1b for Standardised Long Term Archiving

Add Password Encryption to PDFs

Embed Tables in Documents

Simple Table VI for Getting Started Quickly

Table Builder for Advanced Control *

Alternate Row Highlighting

Column Spanning for Table Cells *

Header Rows *

Set a Range of Formatting Options for Columns, Rows or Cells *

Multiple Font Support with Corresponding Style Formatting

Unicode Character Support *

Write LabVIEW Strings Directly into PDF

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