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Tequra -Accelerate Development


Tequra cuts the time between initial outline of product testing requirements and the deployment of live test stations to the factory floor or design validation laboratory.

Bridging the Gap

Traditionally, developing software to carry out testing as defined in a test requirements document involves a considerable amount of manual data translation activity, tieing up highly skilled engineers with tedious tasks. The issue is that the tools usually used to develop test requirements documents, such as Microsoft Word or even dedicated requirements software, are not structured enough to allow automated extraction of information such as test setup parameters, or measurement tolerances.

Tequra Requirements

The Tequra Requirements tools overcome these limitations, enabling automatic free-flow of data from the test requirements documentation through to the automated test software. Central to this is an XML based data format which can be fed into by requirements tools and read directly by automated test software. The XML has been developed to directly provide structured data for a range of automated test operations, yet be easily created from tools such as the Tequra Requirements Editor.

Auto Code Generation

In additional to cutting out the need for engineers to manually translate requirements information, Tequra uses the common XML data interchange to enable automatic framework code generation. This significantly reduces the amount of software development work required and can also ensure software is developed to a common best practises style accross an organisation.

Hardware Support & Enabling Reuse

Organisations commonly spend considerable efforts developing and maintaining software to drive their range of test hardware assets. Unfortunately if common interfacing standards are not defined, there is often limited reuse of the software between projects, even within the same team.

Instrument Support

Tequra provides extensive instrument support straight out-of-the-box, reducing the software development burden. The hardware support has a documented common interface, works across a range on instruments from different vendors, supports industry standard NI LabVIEW or NI TestStand and covers less traditional instrument classes such as environmental chambers.

High Quality Report Documents – Included

Standard automated test software platforms typically produce machine readable results files that require considerable formatting to be developed in order to convert them into reports that can be presented to management or customers. Tequra Framework directly generates high quality PDF report documentation without needing any additional development.

Ready for Analysis

Organisations are often looking to export the results from automated testing into centralised management and analysis systems, so that production metrics and quality data can be extracted. This often requires test engineers to insert additional software into new or existing test programs in order to send out the data. Tequra Framework produces data that is ready for analysis from day-one without any addtional programming. As no additional programming is needed and Tequra automatically stores historical data, organisations can deploy test stations prior to having completed installation of the analysis system.

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