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Tequra – Drive Quality & Efficiency


Organisations can use the large amounts of data that is gathered during product validation and manufacturing test processes, to analyse process efficiency and product quality, enabling them to make improvements that can improve profitability. However without the right tools, organisations can struggle to manage the large datasets being gathered, let alone extract valuable information from it. Tequra has been designed to enable the acquisition and centralised storage of well structured test data and provide the tools to perform analysis of key performance and quality metrics.

Monitor Efficiency

By using Tequra to track product test data at various manufacturing stages waste can be identified and a cost attributed to them. Typical areas of waste within manufacturing might include parts having to be reworked due to failing testing, or even scrapped due to issues being unresolvable and test operations being repeated due to unexpected failures.

Monitor Quality

Tequra enables statistical monitoring of product defects access a large set of data. it allows standard six-sigma metrics to be easily calculated.

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