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The recently released 2015 Automated Test Outlook from National Instruments includes an interesting section titled ‘Bridging the Big Data Chasm’.

Some of the findings in this report, that closely tie-in with our own research, are:

  • Only 5% of data collected is ever analyzed. The vast amount of information and insight, available from test data is largely going untapped.
  • The road to developing a successful solution for managing and analyzing automated test data can be prone to pit-falls.
  • Effective implementation can involve a cross-functional team comprising of engineering, IT and executive management.
  • Before implementation, organizations under-estimate the value of the information that can be gleaned.
  • Leveraging test data can enable improved yield, quality and time-to-market.
  • Test data solutions provide huge benefits to organizations, making employees more productive, lowering cost and increasing profit.
  • Organizations with a data-centric approach can achieve 20% more cost efficiency.
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How can we help?

Our Tequra Analytics product brings together a high level of experience in test data management and years of development effort into a ready-to-run product. With it you can manage and analyze large amounts of test data straight out of the box, without the pain and risk of developing a solution in-house. Our cross-discipline team can integrate Tequra Analytics into your existing engineering and IT systems, or we can provide new infrastructure if required. Our on-the-box features are comprehensive, but our extensible platform enables easy expansion via plug-in modules.

Read the Report

We recommend that you read the Automated Test Outlook 2015, which can be downloaded from the National Instruments website.

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